Ionian Islands

We have cruised in many parts of the world and we have concluded that the Ionian Sea is a sailor’s paradise, as it combines beautiful green islands, crystal clear turquoise waters, little villages with beautiful architecture and a very nice cultural experience. What’s more, the outer islands form a barrier to the swell coming from the Mediterranean Sea so the sailing is always pleasant.

The Ionian Sea lays off the western side of Greece, stretching from Corfu in the north, all the way to Zakinthos in the south.

Our Ionian cruises start and finish at the port of Patras, which is conveniently located just 2 hours from Athens airport but also a short sail to the Ionian Islands.

We typically sail around the central Ionian islands (Ithaca, Kefalonia, Kastos, Meganisi and Kalamos), for a more relaxed experience as the distances between them are shorter and they offer a bigger variety of islands. Alternatively we can sail north towards Paxi, Antipaxi and Corfu.