Privacy policy

  1. Akis Yachting P.C. (referred to in this Statement as ‘we’ or ‘us’ or ‘our company’) is committed to comply with the data protection laws from the 25th of May 2018 and we want you to feel safe with the measures we take to uphold your data privacy rights. Below you can read what type of data we collect, what we use them for, how we process them and for how long they will be stored.

    We tried to keep this statement brief and clear but if some point is confusing we will be happy to hear from you, so please don’t hesitate to email us. Our contact number is (+30)6936-797680 and our email address:

  2. Consent Management
    You can change or revoke your consent to our processing your personal data at any time. To do that you can send us a written request via email at Please note that if processing of your personal data is necessary for the completion of your booking and you do not provide us with these data, we will not be able to fulfil our contractual obligations towards you.

  3. Website
    The site is a website displaying, selling or booking travelling and sailing services created by our company. Every user of this website is considered to agree and accept the following terms, without exception.

    We reserve the right to change the nature and content of our website whenever necessary and without notice, but assume the responsibility to publish the change in the Website by indicating the date of modification. In addition, we may temporarily or permanently suspend the operation of this website either at the will of the owner or for reasons beyond our control.

    We may collect information when you visit and browse our website, in order to make your experience better. This information may include your browsing behavior, travel preferences, social preferences, interests, activities and information related to you clicking on our adverts in the Internet.

  4. Minors
    Our website and the services offered through it are for adults only. Minors are not allowed to use or visit it, as well as to make transactions. We bear absolutely no responsibility for any visit and use of our website by minors, as it cannot verify the identity of incoming users.

  5. Holiday Enquiry
    When you get in touch with us to enquire about a holiday we may collect the following information:
    Your name and surname, country of residence, whether you would like to book the whole yacht or just cabins, your yacht preference and the area you would like to cruise, your cruise dates, the number of people in your group, your email and telephone numbers, how did you hear about us and any other information you may want to add in your enquiry to help us offer you the best possible experience.

  6. Provisional Booking
    When you request a Provisional Booking we may collect the following information:
    Your name and surname, Address, number of people in your group, whether you would like to book the whole yacht or just cabins, your yacht preference, the dates of your cruise, your email address and how did you hear about us.

  7. Booking
    When you complete your booking and payment we may collect the following information:
    Your name and surname, address, number of people in your group, whether you would like to book the whole yacht or just cabins, your yacht preference, the dates of your cruise, your email address and how did you hear about us. Regarding your payment we may collect your preferred method of payment (card or money transfer), the amount you are paying, your Anko Yachting customer reference code and your acceptance of our Terms and Conditions.

  8. Card payments
    We don’t collect any information regarding your card details, as for this you are forwarded to our bank’s (Piraeus Bank) secure payment system, where you give your card details directly to the bank and they pay the amount in our account.

  9. Your cruise
    When you come on a holiday with us we may collect the following information:
    Your name, surname, address, email, passport or European Id number, date of birth, nationality, phone number, any food allergies and intolerances you would like to inform us about, any relevant medical data, travel insurance details and the details of your inbound and outbound flight/ferry/bus.

  10. Other members in your group
    Regarding the rest of the people in your booking we may collect data about the other individuals which will be provided by you. In this case you should ensure that they understand how their personal data may be used by us and you have their consent.

  11. After your cruise
    During or after your holiday we may invite you to fill in a questionnaire with your feedback so we can improve our holidays and we may publish your review in our website, keeping it anonymous. Also we may publish in our website any photos you may send us after your holiday, provided that you give us written permission to do so via email.

  12. Newsletters
    We may email you from time to time with information about future cruises. If you do not wish to receive such information you can let us know by email or just click on the ‘unsubscribe’ button of the email you will receive.

  13. Travel Arrangements
    To facilitate your travel, we may have to share personal data of your travel arrangements with transport companies or hotels. To defend or exercise our legal rights we may need to share personal data, for example to reduce credit risk or prevent fraud. In all cases we will share the minimum amount of personal data necessary for them to complete the task, we require that they are kept safe and that they don’t use it for marketing purposes.

  14. Storing your personal data
    Your personal data will be stored only for as long as needed for the uses mentioned above and /or to fulfill legal requirements. After this period they will be erased. We may store any of those data after the above mentioned period for statistical or historical purposes, but in this case they will be anonymized.

  15. Security
    We take security measures to protect your personal data from unauthorized access, disclosure or accidental loss.

  16. Sharing your personal data
    In no case your personal data will be used or made public to third parties, unless the customer gives his explicit consent or the law introduces a corresponding obligation. We always operate with respect for our customers, and in full compliance with the General Regulation of Personal Data Protection. The National and European Legislation of Law 2472/97, as amended by Law 3471/2006 for the Protection of Personal Data and Regulation (EU) no. 679/2016 (GDPR) defines the protection of your personal data.

  17. Cookies
    Cookies are small text files that contain information, which are sent from our website and stored on each user's computer or mobile device. This information may include the type of browser (web browser) used by each user, the type of computer, its operating system, internet service providers and other technical information.

    Cookies do not damage users' computers or mobile devices or the files stored on them and do not access any document or file from the visitor's computer. Cookies may not reveal your identity, but may be used to identify your computer.

    Our website www. uses cookies for the following reasons:
    Cookies Analytics: Conducting surveys for statistical reasons and / or to improve the content and services of, as well as to assess its effectiveness.
    • Functionality Cookies: They allow the operation of basic functions of the Website, such as Booking Form or Payment Form.
    • Advertising Cookies: Advertising cookies are intended to display ads, personalized and relevant to the preferences of each user, and therefore provide an improved navigation experience in our Website.
    • Preferences Cookies: These cookies "memorize" the preferences of each user when you browse our site, so we can recommend the appropriate products based on the needs of each visitor.

    Most browsers accept sending cookies by default, but you can configure your browser to refuse to accept them or selectively accept certain cookies. In such a case, some features provided through our site may not be available, and some pages may not display properly. For more information on cookie policy and how to manage them in different types of browsers (web browser) you can refer to the website

  18. Intellectual property rights
    The entire content of including, but not limited to, names, images, logos, trademarks, text marks, graphics and generally all types of files are the property of their respective owners and are protected under the relevant provisions of Greek and European law and international conventions, with the exception of explicitly recognized rights of third parties. For this reason, reproduction, republishing, copying, storage, sale, transmission, distribution, publication, execution, translation, modification in any way, in part or in summary, without the express prior written permission of our company.